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OCA Greater Phoenix Board:
Astria Wong
Roxanne Ramírez
OCA VP (Operations and Chapter Development)
Sadi Chhoa
OCA VP (Finance and Community / Civic Engagement), Former President
Therese Tiu
Sales and Marketing Director
Ruia Prasad
Project Director
Kevin Asehan
Communications Director
Advisory Board:
Tanushree Ghosh
Raveen Arora
President and Owner of the Dhaba and the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Think Human-Global Initiative.
Gerry Burke
Sam Huang
Councilman of Chandler
Colleen Dellolio-Coons
UPS Global Director
Marie Dutton
Activities, Event Photographer
Staff Members
Alexa-Rio Osaki
Director of Civic Engagement
Saket Malhotra
Induja Kumar
Event Partner:
Nicole Bennett
Intern Testimonials
Maxwell Luong Summer 2017 Intern

As a youth and high school student, I knew experience was important for maturity. The closer I came towards it, opportunities would increasingly reveal themselves to me. OCA Greater Phoenix’s internship was a very good experience because it was a taste of the professional world. While my high school may teach chemistry, physics, and math, that environment leaves no room for unique experiences.

First, I thank Astria Wong, OCA Greater Phoenix President, for giving me the valuable opportunity like the OCA convention in Sacramento. You define the experience for yourself by the effort you put into it. There were too many connections I made to count them all. But from my heart, OCA is a fantastic organization with an admirable cause of advocacy. I look forward to working with them again and recommend other young advocated to work with them as well.

Jessie Li Summer 2017 Intern

I became an OCA student member when I was a senior in high school and am glad that I made the right choice. At the dawn of when the 2016 presidential election began, I was able to have a closer chance to observe how we, as a small organization, made a huge difference in the Asian American community. Many Asian immigrants took the election as part of their lives. Vital to Get Out The Vote, we made calls around the state to advocate more residents to register for voting.

By spreading our name around, the Asian American Pacific Islander community, we recognize that there is a strong force that will support them here in Arizona. Small steps make big changes. It is hard for me to believe how my little contribution to OCA may impact the whole Arizona community. Yet if more young teenagers would like to join in, OCA Young Believers will continue to Pass The Torch.